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Review: Running Blind by S.W. Vaughn

Running Blind Review
Title: Running Blind
Author: S.W. Vaughn
Publication Date: February 12, 2013
Rating: 2 Stars

17-year-old Grace Carrington is just your average, everyday freak. Her eyes glow, she can read minds, and electronic machines bend to her will. Colored contacts and a self-imposed lack of human relationships keep her safe while she bounces around Vegas, ripping off casinos to survive and avoiding the police -- who want to bring her back to her manipulative mother.

But what Grace doesn't know will hurt her. And what she doesn't know is this: The father she's never met was an angel, and she's a Nephilim -- which makes her a target for something far more dangerous and predatory than any gun-wielding cop or strangely persuasive FBI agent she might be running from...

Because some angels do not suffer their children to live.



My Thoughts

This book started out great and you finish with a nice read, but there were just a few too many unanswered questions for anything higher.

As I mentioned, this book starts with a bang. Grace is cheating the casino for 50 grand and then she sees some sword wielding giant decapitate a girl in front of her. She handled herself really well in those circumstances and was able to survive and get away with her 50 grand intact.

I loved Grace and Silver. Grace is resourceful, sneaky and could stand up for herself. Silver is a big guy who kills with an ease that is scary but with such a big heart and even with all the killing and torture he goes through he is still so innocent. I loved him. Way more than who Grace actually ends up with.

Lucas was basically the opposite of Grace. Hot-headed, whiny, and came of as weak in my book. He does have his sweet moments but he just does nothing for me, much prefer Silver :)

I never really understood what was the deal with being a Nephilim? Why send the angels to hunt them? Just cause they are Nephilim? And how is it that not ONE of the angel parents ever came around again. There was one that stuck around for a bit, but all the rest were just wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am.

Then there are all the coincidences and inconsistencies that allowed for the story to progress. We only ever meet 2 angels, where the hell are the rest? Why is it that Grace has a connection to Silver? If it weren't for this convenient connection and how Grace ends up at the clinic, they all would have been beyond screwed. 

When Michael starts talking about how Grace and Lucas need to stay at the clinic for their own protection cause the angels will hunt them down if she is out there with her powers, it all just sounded like a bunch of bs. Grace thought so too and with good reason. She has been living on her own for 4 years using her powers and she has been doing damn well thank you very much. Why in the world would she need to start dampening her powers all of a sudden when that's what is going to save her and all of them as well? It was just such a bunch of crap. 

Then towards the end you get the big showdown with both angels just cause one of them is at the right place and right time to sense them using their powers and shows up. I mean really? Just like that. Out of alll the places in the world the angel could have been at the time, she was there.

In the end as nice as the story was, and as much as I loved Grace and Silver there was just way too much crap and plot holes for anything else.

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