Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review: The Davina Code by Janet

Title: The Davina Code
Publication Date: November 28, 2012
Rating: 4 Stars

Disgraced cop Jack Miller inherits a house. He also inherits a tenant. She's sexy, mysterious and obviously up to no good. His cop instincts are in overdrive. He's trying to get his job back and no police force will employ him if there's illegal activity in his house. His only option is to solve the mystery of his crazy tenant's behaviour and kick her out - if he can keep his hands off her long enough to do it! 

Davina Davenport is trying to make a movie with 'borrowed' equipment, in a house without permission and on a deadline. It's her last stab at an acting career and even she knows the plan is slightly insane. Her boss at the TV station is asking about the missing equipment. Jack Miller is nosing around her house - and her. And the creepy cameraman from work wants to blackmail her into trading sex for his filming skills. 

It will be a miracle if the movie gets made before Davina ends up fired, in jail or in Jack's bed!


Here's what happens when Jack meets Davina for the first time:

“I don’t usually do this sort of thing,” she told him.
For a brief minute she wasn’t sure what she was explaining exactly - the fact she’d knocked him out and tied him up, or the fact she was rooting around in his trousers.
"I mean, I don’t usually hit people. Hardly ever. And not without provocation.”
Her fingers touched leather. She angled herself further over the gorilla’s body to get a grip on the wallet. Seriously. Who wore their jeans this tight?
“I hope I didn’t do any permanent damage. I just wanted you to stop breaking into my house.” She looked down at him. “You understand, right?”
His dark eyes stared up at her.
“Sweetheart, you have your cleavage in my face and your hand down my trousers. There is nothing about this I understand.”


My Thoughts

I'm always in search of good RomComs, the crazier the better. This one didn't disappoint.

Davina was definitely crazy, or at least her actions were. I really liked her. She was a bit impulsive, ok a lot impulsive, but she knew what she wanted and she was going to make it happen one way or another. Sure her plans were a bit out there and mostly on the illegal side, but she was trying to make her dream come true!

Probably not a good enough excuse to steal a bunch of filming equipment but that's what makes Davina, Davina and this book so great. But we can't have all this craziness without Jack. I loved their interactions! I loved how they both had totally different ideas of each other's lives. I mean Jack thought she was selling hash brownies for god's sake! They were really meant for each other and it was so much fun reading their story.

The one thing keeping this from 5 stars was the ending. It was all a bit too rushed. I would have liked it better if they had just left it at the making plans stage and then maybe written an epilogue taking place a couple of months later. But if you are looking for a good laugh The Davina code is sure to deliver.

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