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Early Unraveling of Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid

Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid
Title: Friends Without Benefits
Series: Knitting in the City Book Two
Author: Penny Reid
Publication Date: September 29, 2013

Friends Without Benefits can be read as a standalone, is a full length 120k word novel, and is book#2 in the Knitting in the City Series.

There are three things you need to know about Elizabeth Finney: 1) She suffers from severe sarcastic syndrome, especially when she's unnerved, 2) No one unnerves her like Nico Manganiello, and 3) She knows how to knit.

Elizabeth Finney is almost always right about everything: the musical merits of boy bands are undervalued by society, “benefits” with human Ken dolls are better without friendship, and the sun has set on her once-in-a-lifetime chance for true love. But when Elizabeth’s plans for benefits without friendship are disarmed by the irritatingly charismatic and chauvinistic Nico Manganiello- her former nemesis- she finds herself struggling to maintain the electric fence around her heart while avoiding electrocution or, worse, falling in love.


My Thoughts

A copy was provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review

How to do this book justice...I had been looking for a fun romance for awhile when Penny contacted me and asked me if I was interested in reviewing her book, I of course jumped at the chance. It was exactly what I was looking for, and let me just say it not only meet my expectations it exceeded them.

I had loved the first book with Janie being such a completely quirky character and I loved how their romance developed. There were actual dates! Yes dates! Those things where you go out and watch a movie and/or eat dinner. Those things. You don't actually get to see many dates in romance books these days. It's all about the hot and sexy, and I just miss old fashioned romance. Should it be called old fashioned when it's just, you know, normal every day romance? Anyway I digress.

Friends Without Benefits was even better than Neanderthal Seeks Human. Yes, better! It was such a sweet and beautiful story. For once the hero, Nico, just goes for what he wants without any qualms. He wants Elizabeth and he'll be damned if he doesn't get her. He is not afraid to tell her how he feels and will do so every chance he gets, and it's done in such a way that isn't cheesy, it's just incredibly sweet. His relationship with his mom and his little niece was adorable too :)

Elizabeth on the other hand is in complete denial. She knows more or less what she feels but she just can't give into it because it could mean getting hurt again, and she believes that she can't survive it once more. So she tries her hardest to bury her head in the sand and hopes for it to go away. But Nico is Nico, and he won't be deterred. He breaks her down little by little till he finally gets through. The mixed CD Nico gives Elizabeth almost made me cry, it was so beautiful and thoughtful and just *sigh*. 

This whole book is filled with crazy funny scenes, sweet and adorable scenes, great family scenes, excellent friendships, and of course can't forget the steamy scenes ;)

If you are looking for a funny, sweet, yet thoughtful romance then give this one a try. I promise you won't regret it!


Would I Recommend it?

*Just a heads up, Penny is donating 10% of the profits of Friends Without Benefit to a Pediatric Rare Disease Foundation (different one each month) Check it out here!*

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