Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Recap!

2 Months till New Year's already! O.O

Books Read: (21)

Books Reviewed: (4)

Favorite Reads: 

 Funny how 3 out of the 5 are MM. But they are also quite dark, and messed up books, which I have been in the mood for. All American Girl on Saturn was the perfect light and fluffy read and Cracked had some great sarcastic humor xD If anyone has any recs for really dark books, but not with unnecessary drama and angst, let me know!

Favorite Cover: 

Eye catching, yes?

Totally done with TBR pile Challenge :D Just need to update the page. As you may have noticed I didn't review as many books, but still read the same amount more of less. Been going through a slump. I think it's the pressure to review most of the books. As soon as I stopped blogging it became easier to pick whatever I wanted to read and just enjoy it. So I'm not sure when I'll be back to blogging full time. I'll still review the ones that I have already committed myself to, but that's it.

How was your month?


  1. That's a lot of books read, good job! I really want to read Cracked and Death Sworn, and yes the covers definitely look awesome!
    Sorry that you're in a slump, sometimes it gets hard when you have to review everything you read for sure. But as long as you're having fun and reading what you like that's what counts :)

  2. Thanks! :) I really liked Cracked and Death Sworn I have yet to make up my mind about. It wasn't bad, but I guess it didn't quite meet my expectations?

  3. Wow that's a lot of great looking books! I want to read Death Sworn, it has such an awesome cover and I really love fantasy novels. I hope you manage to find your way out of your slump.

  4. Yes they were! :) Death Sworn is a bit different than your usual Fantasy, that's both why I liked it and why it's holding my rating back lol. Need to read more of it already xD and thanks, I hope so too.


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