Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Book Trailer + Trying Something New

I'm happy to announce that I'm back! Or at least well on my way. I'm feeling much better and can definitely handle more time sitting down now :) So I've had this idea running in my head most of the day and finally decided to just go with it. I also wanted to discuss with you guys book trailers.

Book Trailers

Now I don't know about you guys but me personally, I really dislike book trailers. Why? Probably for the same reason that I dislike Audio Books. They use voices to narrate the trailers and they are usually the voices of the main characters. I hate it. It totally messes with the voices in my head (sounds a bit crazy but what the hell, I'm sure you guys get me! xD). I thought this was it, but I just watched a book trailer in which I haven't read the book yet so that shouldn't have really bothered, but the voice of the girl they used grated on my nerves anyway. It was...just too much...I don't know how they pick them but they should start getting more opinions or something. Now a good book trailer are those that have the catchy phrases and the epic music combined with some fancy graphic work. Those I love, but I have noticed I find more of the voice variety than the non-voice variety, so now a days I just steer clear of book trailers all together.

Nonvoice example:

Voice example:

It has subtitles for Italian  but you get the point. I hated this book trailer, yet I love Cassie's work mostly and I'm just waiting till this one comes out so I can read Infernal Devices in one go. But that trailer to me was a complete turn off, and what is up with that carrie-esq ending?

New Idea

At the beginning of the year I joined the 2013 TBR Pile Reading Challenge over at Bookish. I thought it was a great idea to finally get through those books that have just been sitting there for a while. And it was, I have read some books from my pile, and even crossed out a whole series out of it cause I found out it just wasn't doing it for me, but I have just felt that it wasn't enough. In these 2 months I have only read 4 books from my TBR Pile...FOUR! That's horrible! 

So, I came up with these mini challenges/goals per months that should help towards really getting some reading done. Since a pretty big chunk of my pile is actually series what I have decided to do is pick 1 series (at least) and read it during that month. Depending on the amount of books on the series I'll decide to do 2 or maybe even 3 a month. I'll probably dedicate a whole month to just sequels, where it only takes 1 book to catch up to the series, and another month to standalone or start of series.

Later today or tomorrow I'll be adding a new page to the blog dedicated solely to this. Since I already read Delirium for the read-a-long this month, I'm planning to finish up Pandemonium for this month and starting March I'll be planing on reading The Game of Thrones books since the series starts back up on 31st! So excited!! Those books are realllly long so we'll see how I do! 

I probably won't be reviewing all the ones that I do read. I am thinking of just doing one big wrap-up post per series most likely. If you guys are interested in joining me in these mini goals maybe we can do a link up post? Let me know!

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