Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Equal Parts by Emma Winters

Title: Equal Parts
Series: Supernova #1
Author: Emma Winters
Publishing Date: December 23, 2012
Rating: 4.5 Stars
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Book Blurb

Nobody knows happiness better than nineteen-year-old Felicity Eastwood. For years now, she’s been ‘gifted’ with the ability to collect and transfer happiness to anyone at will. Well, everyone except herself.

That is until Achilles - renowned criminal mastermind with a face painted like Death and enough charm to cause hormonal riots – crashes into Felicity’s world and her feel … something.

Determined not to let such a coveted superpower slip beyond his reach, Achilles kidnaps Felicity, hoping to use her ability to brave his own skeletons. Felicity is only a half-unwilling prisoner though, forgoing escape to learn more of the man behind the mask and pursue the inexplicable spark between them.

As the lines between hero and villain begin to blur, Felicity finds herself wondering if Achilles might be the key to her own happiness at long last. Is it possible to be so happy with someone so dangerous?

But Achilles isn’t the only villain in the town, and the pursuit of happiness can be a deadly hunt…

My Thoughts

The only thing holding me back from giving this a full 5 stars was that lasssst page. Even though he said he wouldn't leave the life of a criminal altogether, they way it was said, it just didn't seem quite believable to me. Asides from that, I loved this book.

The MC is a strange mix of self pity, self deprecation, innocence, strength and intelligence. With those first 2 qualities you would think I'd be hating the MC, but it was all very well balanced out, plus the girl is numb like all the time, happiness is no longer her thing, and you realize later on what the skeletons in her closet were. I really liked how she was always on her toes, and she would end up in situations knowing that it was by her own doing and she knew she could get out of it she just didn't actually want to. 

What really made this book for me were the romance and Achilles. The man is so complex. He can be talking about murder at the start of a sentence and end with a declaration of love and he would make it work! I loved how he was a 'villain', sweet, romantic, and gave tough love when she needed it. The way their romance develops was bittersweet. Mostly cause I was right along with her thinking we were crazy for liking this guy when he was this psychopathic murderer, but it was just impossible not to. 

The whole super-villain and superhero thing was very subdue and it worked well with the way this book was written. This is primarily a romance with the superhero stuff thrown in. Their world isn't explained very much, but honestly I didn't give a crap, I was much more interested in Achilles and Felicity to care about that xD

I recommend this to all romance loves out there, you won't want to miss out on the complexity of a bad-boy that is Achilles!

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