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Unraveling: The Girl For Me by Failte

The Girl For Me by Failte
Title: The Girl For Me
Series: N/A
Author: Failte
Genre: YA Transgender
Publication Date: February 2007 (Free in Fiction Press)

Straight jockboy Kevin thinks he has gay, cross-dressing Danny under his thumb. Kevin only likes girls.

So... why does he keep thinking about her?

Or him.




My Thoughts

This was definitely something new for me. I have read my fair share of M/M books, both YA and Adult, but I hadn't found any F/F books that have really caught my attention till now. I actually just added a few to my pile. The Girl For Me was my first foray into Transgenderism in books. 

I liked it. It was different and it was new to me. Kevin was a hard character to like. I liked that he was so honest and blunt, but some of the things he did as well were just... 


Dani was a bit easier than Kevin, but still not someone I was 100% behind. But that was also something I appreciated. The characters were flawed, raw, real. They both had their cons and pros and in their relationship they balanced each other out really well. Dani has a very strong personality. He may be having issues with his sexuality but he has a good head on her shoulders and isn't afraid to let anyone see it. Kevin on the other hand was very laid back, he mostly went with the flow till the issue was finally thrown in his face and ultimately made a decision.

It was shocking to see how the Headmaster reacted to all the kids who were coming out and their friends supporting them, the decisions he made and the strength of his conviction that he was right, and homosexuality was unnatural. 


But I adored how all so many of the students banded together to show their support for all the gay couples and the ridiculousness of the Headmaster's actions. The Team Table, The List, the PDA, and of course, The Prom.

I also very much liked how the author approached the subject of transgenderism. The way Dani felt at first, which is I'm sure how most people see transgenderism, how he started learning more about it and himself, what made her Dani and the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes from it. From other people's reactions to the steadfast support of those who loved her, specially Kevin. 

Oh and those last two chapters:



Would I Recommend it?


    1. Haha, those GIFs. :DD

      I've read The Girl For Me a few years back and remember really liking it so I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it too. :)

    2. It had some great laugh out loud moments :)


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