Thursday, May 1, 2014

April in Books

Solid month for books :)

Books Read: (18)

Books Reviewed: (10)

Favorite Reads: 

Traitor's Blade had such awesome humor and the characters were so lively. Loved it. When All The World Sleeps deals with some heavy stuff but it's also very sweet.

Favorite Covers: 

Good month for books, but I've been having horrible luck with ARCs. Out of the 5 that I reviewed only two of them got 3 stars, none got above that. I have high hopes for this new batch of ARCs that I just got from Edelweiss. I've also changed internship places. I'm now in a new lab, doing different things and a new schedule and I'm happy to report that it's so much better! I'm actually enjoying it for once.

So how was your month?


  1. That's a lot of books read!
    I read the Traitor's Blade recently as well and I really liked it. The cover they have attached to my version is different though. I also read the Taking, Prisoner of Night and Fog and After the End, that you mention in your reviewed section and I liked them too.
    I'm excited to see what the new batch of books you got to read was!

  2. And yet I feel like I've been reading too slow and not enough? lol The again there is never enough reading :P
    Which cover do you like better?
    I'm actually thinking of starting a feature like Stacking Your Shelves, but more of a mix between what I've gotten my hands on and what new books I've come across.

  3. Itara @ My Midnight FantasiesMay 2, 2014 at 10:25 PM

    Great books you read, you read a lot. I fee like I was lacking last month. I was in a funk :(

    My April wrap up.

  4. I hear ya. I was in a funk last month as well. Had to make myself read pretty much cause I just had no motivation to pick anything.


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