Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mini Reviews #3 - Dec. 29

Some books that I recently finished and even though I love 2 of them I just don't have enough to say for a whole post :P

Blood Shadows (Blackthorn #1) - 4.5 Stars
by Lindsay J. Pryor
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This book was really great, it was like a ping pong match, kept going back and forth. You would think you had it figured out, then they did something else and you'd be like oh noesss and then it went back, and you would just end up all over the place not knowing what to think. It was awesome. Can't wait to find out more about Blackthorn!

* This is an Adult Paranormal (British) Romance.

by Stacey Kennedy
Amazon - Shelfari

This was another 4.5 stars for me. The MC was great, she stood up for herself, she was smart, and she didn't take crap from anyone. The plot had a great twist at the end which I didn't see coming at all, just how I like it. The romance was really spot on, kept their distance till things were resolved and went from there. If you like books about witches this one is a must read!

*Also an Adult Paranormal Romance.

The Accidental Genie (Accidentally Paranormal #7) - 3.5 Stars
by Dakota Cassidy
Amazon - Shelfari

I never read the other 6 books in this series, and was never lost during the book. This was a fun, fast read. Lots of brash words and mouthy characters, which were funny up to a point. At times it just got to be a little overboard. It was roll-your-eyes ridiculous at parts as well, but all in good fun.

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