Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mini Reviews #1 - Dec. 8

Mini Reviews

Forbidden Forest (Legends of Regia #1) by Tenaya Jayne - 3 Stars

I had a couple of issues with this book, but for the most part I really enjoyed it. I liked the action and the introduction of a blind kick-ass mage vampire and a half elf half shifter. The world building was done nicely. Would like to see more of the Rune-dy and the rest of the political turmoil that's going on. My issue with it was the romance and how volatile Forest is, but at the same time that's why I like her as well. Will definitely keep reading this series and I hope Queen Christina dies in a painful fiery death =D

{ARC} Under Shifting Glass by Nicky Singer - 4.5 Stars
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This was such a beautiful story. It's about a girl who is coming to terms with her grief over an aunt who accepted her for who she was with no judgment and believed in everything she said and also about dealing with the birth of conjoined brothers and life and death. But it's also about realizing that there are bigger things in this universe and that you don't have to be able to explain them nor understand them they just are. I can't really say much more, but I recommend this to anyone with an open mind and a willing heart.
*Thank you to Chronicle Books for a copy!

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