Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Guardians of the Akasha by Celia Stander

Title: Guardians of the Akasha
Author: Celia Stander
Release Date: October 18, 2012
Rating: 2 Stars
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Book Blurb

Eighteen-year old Keira Wilde has finished school and is determined to make her own plans for her future, thank you very much. She wants to be a photographer; not go to Oxford, like her parents want, or be a hero, like her aunt wants. But Keira’s plans go flying out of the window when she is attacked on the streets of London and she is forced to use her powers in self-defense.

Unfortunately, her actions attract the attention of a predator intent on using her...or destroying her. Preferring to be neither used nor destroyed, Keira takes charge of her destiny and enters the hidden world of the Guardians of the Akasha.

Fighting side by side with the battle-scarred Marco Santana, they race from London to Argentina and a castle in the forests of the Czech Republic to find the source of all knowledge and prevent the fabric of time from unraveling.


This book got my attention with the line from the blurb - Keira takes charge of her destiny and enters the hidden world of the Guardians of the Akasha. - I was excited to read something where the MC finally goes head on instead of going round and round in circles till she finally does what she has to do.

I think that was false advertisement  the MC was going on her way to doing the same thing if it weren't for certain circumstances in which she is just basically guilt tripped into it. So really nothing different there.

The reason why this book got 2  stars was because it was just ok. It wasn't horribly bad and it wasn't good either. Why? because it was all just too neat, and too perfect. Everything was spelled out and it was so predictable. I was actually surprised that nothing surprised me. There was absolutely nothing that made it standout nor make it unique.

The romance was just as iffy. It didn't turn me off but I wasn't totally on board with it either. Then there is the ending. It was so anticlimactic that I just sat there and kept going that was it? They made it sound like he was this huge bad ass, the MC goes to train for 2 months comes back and gets rid of him just like that? Oh and she oh so conveniently had The Knowledge to do it...Like I said this book was too perfectly laid out.

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