Monday, March 18, 2013

Death of Google Reader

As I'm sure most of you have heard, Google reader will be gone by July 1, 2013. I really liked Google Reader, but must admit it drove me crazy at times as well. It had certain bugs, like the being unable to unsubscribe. I would have to jump through hoops just to figure out how to unsubscribe right, cause if not, they would just turn back right back to where they were.

So since Google Reader is now gone, I have had to go out into the wild and find a different way to follow and allow my readers to follow me. There are quite a few ways. This post from Girlxoxo summarizes them pretty nicely in my opinion, head on over to check them out if you would like.

I personally like Feedly the most. I like how much you can personalize it to your taste, and how easy it is to follow ANYTHING with it. It has this extension for Firefox and Chrome that makes it extremely easy to subscribe to anything.

I tried bloglovin' but by then I was already sold on Feedly, so it did nothing for me. I found it kind of annoying actually, but then again I haven't really put much effort into figure it out. I also had a problem with claiming my blog cause they couldn't find it. That was all my fault, such an idiot. Anyways! I figured it out and fixed so it works now. Yay! So you can now follow me through Bloglovin' :)

Now you have a wide range of choices, so choose your poison! :)


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