Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Recap!

Books Read: (24)

Books Reviewed: (11)

Favorite Reads: 

I just couldn't pick one this month so I picked 3 instead xD Both Fuedlings and Fraction of a Stone were awesome reads for their genre and Clockwork Princess for obvious reasons :P

Favorite Cover: 

I just love the textures, picture and play of shadows and lights in this one.

2013 TBR Pile Reading Challenge

7/41-50  I'm doing horribly for this one. Suck at challenges. Should have like 12 by now. Oh well. Maybe I can catch up during vacation.

TBR Pile Monthly Objectives

For March I was supposed to have read A Song of Fire and Ice. Obviously I did no such thing LOL. I did try though. I started A Clash of Kings since everyone's been saying that the first one was like verbatim to the first season. Needless to say I was getting pretty bored with the second cause I already knew what was going on. I did like reading Arya's chapters so I might just end up reading all of hers and that's it and just stick to the show instead. Like I said, I such at challenges xD


  1. Wow!! You've read so many books this month.
    I want to read The Collector and Clockwork Angel too.
    Have a great month and happy reading (:

    Sapir @ Diary of a Wimpy Teen Girl

    1. A good chunk of those are actually really short xD
      Hope you like The Collector I found it really amusing and enjoyable.

      Have a great month and happy reading as well :)

  2. Eep! I was a favorite! That makes me SO happy! Look at all those books you read. Thank you! :)

  3. Impressed by all you DID read. Forget challenges, do your own thing:D I'm excited for Clockwork Princess-and I just won Kelley Lynn's book-moving it up on my TBR list.

    1. Lol thanks! Have a box (or two) ready for when you read Clockwork Princess. You are going to need it xD and hope you like Fraction of Stone as much as I did! :)


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