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Blog Tour + Character Interviews: Converging Fates by Johnathan Cortez

Welcome to my stop on the Converging Fates Virtual Book Tour hosted by Bewitching Book Tours!

Converging Fates Johnathan Cortez
Title: Converging Fates
Series: Reagent Universe Book One
Publication Date: June 3, 2013

Deep in the remote Undervalley, a scientist is creating a portal that will link two universes. Never mind the damage his research does. A taskforce of elves and humans must hunt him down before he destroys their universe. The elves hold the key, Mahavir, a human abducted from the other universe. He is the link between universes, and his death may prevent a disaster. But Mahavir has no intention sacrificing himself for others.



About the Author

Jonathan Cortez is a graduate of Penn State Behren, with an Associate of Arts degree.

He was an avid reader and writer from a young age, but even before that his story-telling and world-building skills blossomed while playing with Lego. He largely developed his writing craft on his own.

Jonathan is a big fan of science-fiction and fantasy, although he only started reading the genres during high school. When not reading or writing, he enjoys watching TV and listening to heavy metal.

He is currently still studying at Penn State. He is also working on the sequel to Converging Fates.


Character Interviews

Samuel Longhorn, journalist genius: Today on RU podcast, I'm interviewing the two stars of Converging Fates, Mahavir Don't Have a Last Name Yet and Vanyae M├│readhiel Rhavaniel Plus Too Many Other Names To Say. 

Mahavir is a sixteen year old human from the Prime Universe who has been raised by elves. He was abducted from the other universe by the scientist Anleanlute for reasons we don't know yet. Without further ado, I'd like to welcome Mahavir.

Mahavir: Thank you Mr. Longhorn.

Longhorn: To start out, you haven't really been around your own kind. So who do you relate more to, the elves or cyber-humans?

Mahavir: I don't really relate to either. Maybe elves more, because I was raised by them. That's all I really know. The cyber-humans are much like me, but fundamentally apart. I want to go back to where I was from and live with my actual people.

L: Is there anything you like about elven culture?

M: I respect their individuality and assertiveness. They aren't afraid to do what they want.

L: Do you have any memories of your old life, in the Reagent Universe?

M: No. Kind of...just fleeting images of a book or person, maybe a religious symbol. I have no actual memories.

L: Let's talk about this big mission coming up. If there was conclusive evidence that Anleanlute can only be stopped by your death, and his success will cause vast devastation, would you be willing to die?

M: I suppose so. But there is no conclusive evidence so no. It's not my intention.

L: When you confront Anleanlute, what will you do? You have ample reason to hate him.

M: I don't really know. I don't remember what he looks like. I feel like I should hate him, but it's hard to hate just a name. But he's an evil person and deserves justice.

L: That's very impersonal.

M: I don't have enough perspective to be personal.

L: On a lighter note, have you cultivated any hobbies or interests?

M: Between training, work and education, I never had much free time. When I do have it, I read-

L: What do you read?

M: Nonfiction. Histories. Philosophy. Science Technical manuals. Dry things. I also build gadgets and fix electronics.

L: Last question, and it's extremely personal. What would you do if you found out the location of the prison your adopted mother is in?

M: Rescue her.

L: That's very confident for a person who can't even control his own destiny.

M: I don't think she was guilty, and I would make any deal, get any weapon, to see her again.

L: Best wishes in that regard. It was wonderful talking to you today, and with any luck, you will not have to die and have a chance to come back to my show.

M: That's really something to look forward to.

Longhorn: Now, for our distinguished guest, Grand Master Destroyer Vanyae of the Elven Coalition city-state of Ananthon.

Vanyae: It is moderately interesting to meet you.

L: Thank you. So, first question, we'll talk about Mahavir. Do you like him? Consider him a pupil, maybe family?

V: I have kept myself distant from him in the event he will die. But I have grown some fondness for him. He's intelligent and seems gentle.

L: Do you think he'll have to die to prevent Anleanlute?

V: I hope not. That is all I will say about that.

L: Could you personally kill him?

V: I will not answer that question, and I will cease this interview if there are similar questions.

L: Okay. Other questions. It's well-known you don't respect humans. Why?

V: They're easily controlled, by others and themselves. They're prone to emotion clouding their judgment. They're frequently hypocritical. I have a few dozen other reasons, but I think that suffices.

L: You used to be very close to Lord Seether? What broke that off?

V: Bring him on this show, and you'll see he's a fucking borderline sadistic nutcase. His daughter's the only thing that keeps him remotely in control.

L: Have you talked to your son much in the past year?

V: I don't see the pertinence of these family questions. My son is closer to his father, Xavius. If you ask, I'll say I don't approve, because Xavius is a potential violent threat to the government. That is all I will say.

L: Okay. Enough of the personal questions then. Back to the mission, which you're leading. Do you expect to encounter orcs?

V: Yes. We believe he has allied with a group on the Undervalley.

L: Do you enjoy fighting them?

V: Battle is an enjoyable experience. I think it is for all elves. My reason and conscience prevents me from senseless killing, but in a battle, yes I do enjoy it.

L: One final question. Do you believe any of Anleanlute's discoveries may be valuable?

V: I'm sure there are some. My orders are to wipe out anything he's made. It would take too long to decipher what's potentially dangerous, and the only way to guarantee his technology doesn't fall into the wrong hands is to eliminate it. We are now finished.

L: I did have a few-

V: That was a command.

L: Thank you for your time. That wraps up today's RU podcast. Thank you to the audience, and I hope you come back for more.


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