Friday, August 2, 2013

July Recap!

Gawd! We are already in August! Next thing you know I'll be writing the end of the year post.

Books Read: (26)

Books Reviewed: (10)

Favorite Reads: 

If you like fantasy books Mistborn is a must! John Mathew's book is now my second fave of the bunch so far :) And if you are into M/M I recommend Disasteroloy, also deals with OCD and being a germophobe. Great book.

Favorite Cover: 

Loved all the Mistborn trilogy covers. That purple color just calls to me xD Great cover for All Our Yesterdays too.

Guys! I actually advanced on my TBR-Pile Challenge this month! I'm so proud of myself! Lmao. Count is up to 29 books now. I actually caught up, how about that...

How was your month?


  1. Where do you get the time to read 26 books?! Well, I looks like you had a great reading month:) You read All our Yesterday! Did you like it? Happy August:)

  2. Vacation time :D Too bad it's over lmao. Also quite a few were novellas and like 2 of them I skimmed of half it cause it wasn't doing it for me. And no I didn't like All Our Yesterdays :( Review is already up actually.
    Happy Reading! :)


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