Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top Ten Tuesdays - Wishing for Sequels

I've finally decided to join up and start participating in this wonderful meme, Top Ten Tuesdays hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week the topic is Books you wish had sequels.

  1. Outcast - Adrienne Kress: I really enjoyed this one, and with the way it ended it has potential for a sequel and I really wouldn't mind if it actually got one :)
  2. Hell's Hollow - Summer Stone: This one is like the above. Some real potential here for a sequel. Plus I love books about healers.
  3. A Girl's Guide to Demon Hunting - Emily Miles: I really liked the world created in this book and the MC. She was really was pretty kick ass.
  4. Deep in the Count - Madison Parker: Because this was a short story, I would have liked it to at least be full length. Plus the way it ended was almost like a cliffhanger. Unacceptable! xD
  5. The Emperor's Soul - Brandon Sanderson: Again a short story, and it was just sooo good! Sanderson is such an amazing author. He packed so much into this one little story. I wish this world had been explored even more.
  6. Legion - Brandon Sanderson: Damn short stories! So good, but entirely too short for my satisfaction!
  7. The Shadow Society - Marie Rutkoski: This book would have benefited with a sequel where it explained everything that wasn't on this one. Which incidentally was a lot lol.
  8. Precinct 13 - Tate Hallaway: This was such a breath of fresh air in a very cluttered UF genre that I wish Hallaway would have kept going with it
  9. And All The Stars - Andrea K. Host: I might be cheating with this one, but I just loved it so much I wish there were more books just so I could stay with these characters, but at the same time the ending wouldn't have been as powerful if there had been a sequel.


  1. I haven't read any of these, but they all look good!!
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