Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mini Reviews #4 - Jan. 13

Here are some small reviews for a couple of books I have finished recently:

by Alexandra Monir

This was such a huge let down. I really liked the first book, the time traveling was done so well. It really felt like you were there without dragging down the story at all, but even though this one had a sweet ending, I just felt so disconnected from the characters it was like a different author had finished the series. 

A Vampire in Fairyland - 2 Stars
by Erika Gilbert

This book was such a mess. Not necessarily all bad, but still. I liked the interesting take on the paranormal aspect and I liked Jade for the most part, actually I liked most of the characters. My problem is with everything else. The writing felt stilted, and things seemed to come out of left field a lot of the time, where I was just left wondering how did that happen. And the romance was just strange. I ended up just not taking the book seriously at all, and was amused by the many strange happenings through out. So even though it did have it's funny moments this book was just too all over the place for anything else.

Roar and Liv (Under The Never Sky #1.5) - 2.5 Stars
by Veronica Rossi

This was a really short novella, and even though it did help bring Roar and Liv's relationship into perspective, especially with what happened in Through The Ever Night,  I still can't give it a 3. It was a little too out there. It should have been of a special content in the author's website or at the end of Under The Never Sky, but not a novella by itself.

Betwixt - 3.5 Stars
by Melissa Pearl

It was a nice story, liked the character growth, and the romance between Nicky and Dale, but there were some things that rubbed the wrong way. I usually don't like religious undertones used in the books I read, and if I had known about this before I picked this up I wouldn't have bothered. It didn't completely ruin it for me, but it did stop me from really enjoying it as much as I could. It was all just too perfectly black and white, good and bad, no grey areas. Life isn't like that and I didn't like how it tried to depict it that way.

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