Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Reading Challenges

2014 Reading Challenges

Alright! This year I have decided to join 2 reading challenges to help me along. So first off we have:

2014 Series Challenge

This challenge, hosted by Read. Sleep. Repeat., is going to help me a lot. Since I have chronic abandon-series-syndrome this is going to be an actual challenge lol. There are quite a few series I haven't read that I want to, and some that I would like to finish. Some of these are:

  • Lumatere Chronicles
  • Gone series
  • Incarnate trilogy
  • Everneath trilogy
  • Blackdagger Brotherhood (missing 3 more books to finally catch up)
  • Iron Druid Chronicles (will be missing 2 books once #7 comes out)
  • Shatter Me Trilogy (Can't wait for Ignite Me!!)
  • Mara Dyer Trilogy (June can't come fast enough!)

Those are only the ones I remember out of the top of my head. I'll most likely be adding more to the list, but those are the main ones I'd like to finish this year. Since that adds up to 8 I'll be going for the Gold Badge!

Now, the second reading challenge I'll be joining is!

The 2014 Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge

I think most of us bloggers have the bad habbit of going to NG & Edelweiss to looks at the new books coming out and then end up requesting like 10 that weren't even in the list in the first place. I do this almost every single time. I'm proud to say that lately I haven't requested that many just like 3 more? xD So, here are the ARCs I need to get through this year:



There are actually quite a few more. Some I have already read so I didn't add them and some I haven't read yet. As you can see I have a problem when going to Edelweiss and NG lmao. Actually while writing this post I got on Edelweiss to check which ones I had and ended up getting 4 more. Go figure...I really can't help myself anymore. I blame the download now button D:
There are 6 levels to this challenge

  • Aluminum – 5 books
  • Bronze – 10 books
  • Silver – 25 books
  • Gold – 50 books
  • Platinum – 75 books
  • Diamond– 100 books
I'll be going for either Silver of Gold, but with how things are going most likely Gold xD

And last but not least this will be my own personal challenge. I've decided to make 2014 the catch up year. There has been so many books from 2013 that I missed and quite a few of these don't qualify for the Series Challenge, hence the making of my own personal challenge. I'll replace the 2013 TBR pile challenge page with this one and I'll list all the books I'm planning on reading and crossing them out as I go. I'll probably also add the ones from the Series Challenge since they would fit in that category as well. That's all the challenges for me this year! 

Did you join any reading challenges this year and if you did which ones?


  1. I joined the Series Challenge and a Graphic Novel/Video Game book challenge as well. I usually always join Netgalley challenges so I didn't sign up for this year.

  2. Oh that Graphic Novel one sounds interesting. A manga/anime one should be fun too hehe, but I'll stick with these for now lol.

  3. Elllaaaaaa! Did you read the first one from Lumatere? If not, let's read ittttt! :)


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