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Early Unraveling of Hero Worship by Christopher E. Long

Hero Worship by Christopher E. Long
Title: Hero Worship
Series: N/A
Publication Date: January 1, 2014

Ever since becoming an IWP—Individual with Powers—Marvin Maywood has dreamed of joining the Core, a group of gifted heroes who save lives and stop crimes. But because he's a homeless teenager who is forbidden to use his amazing powers, wanting and achieving that dream are two very separate things.

But when Marvin saves a family from dangerous hoodlums with his incredible strength and speed, his chance to try out for the Core comes at last. The opportunity seems like a dream come true—until he realizes that the idyllic hero life he imagined is just a mask for the corrupt reality. And when a beloved hero is murdered, Marvin is suspected of being the villain behind the crime.
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My Thoughts

A copy was provided through NetGalley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review

I requested this book specifically because it was about superpowers, heroes and villains. The main character is 17 going on 18 years old, so I was expecting a decent slightly mature male voice, but unfortunately that wasn't the case here.

Hero Worship is a very fast read, which is about the only thing that kept me reading, because as most of you lovely readers know by now, I have the attention span of a gnat and by the 18% mark I already wanted to drop the book and pick something else, but since it would have only taken me another hour and half to finish I figured I should just get it over with, not like I had any pressing matters to attend to anyway :P

You are probably wondering what was so bad about the book that it made me want to mark it down as a DNF. It was a multitude of certain aspects that just weren't working for me. As I already mentioned at the start of this review I was expecting a somewhat mature male pov and I didn't get it. For a person to have witnessed his father killing his mother and then ending up living in the streets because of it and dropping out of school, you would think the guy was a bit cynical and hard and tough, but he was the softest marshmallow ever and so damn gullible and naive it was sickening. Okay, maybe sickening is a bit harsh, but my point is it didn't make it any easier to read. I couldn't fathom how a person who was in the situation he was in could so completely accept what he was being told and just go on his merry way. He also had absolutely no loyalty towards his friends at first. He kept everything from them, but believed everything the strange psycho girl who made him walk through hoops said.

I should also say that I've never been a fan of the boy scout types, they are just entirely too goody-two-shoes for my liking. I'm not saying I like criminals now, but a healthy sense of distrust and paranoia goes a long way xD

The plot while mildly interesting it also wasn't anything to write home about. What it all comes down to is the book came off as too childish for my liking. Everything, from the characters, to the writing to the plot was too cookie-cutter. If you go in not expecting anything much more than a fast, generic, but entertaining superhero book then you will end up having a good time.


Would I Recommend it?

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